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Firestarters are individuals writing their own story, those creating for themselves, taking risks, and getting shit done. They are instigators, innovators and influencers. The visionaries challenging the status quo, creating controversy, and disrupting the disruptors.

Mediocrity was not invited to our party. We require the Firestarter mentality.
We believe in the power of the individual.
We view and treat our people as people. It is crazy to have to write that, but we designed our people programs with this theme in mind. Our People Experience is highly individualized (with scalability always in mind) and designed so every employee has a customized journey that pairs with their future goals. At the end of the day, we want our people to directly see their impact while working with meaning and purpose.

We’ve even designed and implemented our own organizational model, called Braincell, to support our people centric approach. Click the “What is Braincell” box below to learn more.

Your adventure begins on day one.
Welcome to Braintribe.
What is Braincell?Download our Manifesto
What is Braincell?
Braincell is Braintribe’s exponential organizational model built to drive innovation, agility and results while empowering our people. We’ve broken down the traditional hierarchical structure and created a network of communities (operating as mini companies) with different topic areas and missions. To survive in Braincell, you must have the confidence to thrive in an autonomous environment, needing little to zero hand holding. You must be a Firestarter.
Hierarchical organizations will not survive the realities of tomorrow.
Courage. Simplicity.
Open. Radical. Responsive. Diverse.
Have the courage to be yourself, to be unique, and to go against the status quo. Be simplistic. Brilliance comes from breaking down complexity. Always be open and honest with yourself, your colleagues and the tribe. Think radically about what is possible, take risks, and fail fast.

Responsive = Respect. Be mindful of others time and always act with urgency communicating to customers, partners and your peers. Diverse in every sense of the word. We currently have 85 people and 28 different nationalities represented, we are working to improve our male:female ratio, and we understand no two people are the same… and we love that.
Digital transformation is much hyped. We believe it only really starts when your data can express itself in the language your people speak and understand. When it can join the conversation. When it becomes part of the team. Enter tribefire.

tribefire is our Smart Data platform that enables our partners to design, implement, and run data-centric solutions in distributed environments. It is designed to deal with diverse systems in a unique way, allowing to combine and recombine all data and functionality by consistent modeling of any software aspect. We decouple your data from your IT and inspire you to attack problems in a different way. Communicate and collaborate between business and IT in the same language and avoid expensive misunderstandings. Let tribefire be your OS for Data.
Who We Hire
By now you understand we only hire Firestarters. But what does that actually mean when translated into a real job/role? Below you will see three topic areas where we are looking to hire great people. However, you won't find any formal job description or application. If the profiles below resonate with you, click “That’s me, lets talk!” And send our Head of People, Kyle Borchardt a message about why we should hire you. Please include your CV and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

While we have a thorough hiring plan and a clear understanding of the roles we need to fill, in the end, our decision comes down to the individual. We want people who have a diverse background, unique interests and a life outside of their work. We hire people who want to mold their role with us, crafting their journey and putting themselves in a position to be successful. 

The final question on our interview scorecard reads,
“Is this candidate a Firestarter?”
“You absolutely must have the discipline not to hire until you find the right people.”
Jim Collins
The "Techie"
This overused term for technologists may or may not sit well with you, but at the end of the day we are looking for some kickass techies. Those using the newest technologies, those passionate about Cloud, AI, IoT, Big Data, and those who have a burning desire to be part of building the world's first Smart Data Platform. The people we are looking to hire are leaders in technology and regardless of what your specific function is, we are certain to need you if you fit the Firestarter mindset.
That's me, let's talk!
The "Data Geek"
 What the fuck is a "Data Geek" anyway? In our minds, they are leaders in the "Big Data" space who have a progressive view of how to bridge the gap between big data and business intelligence, and can simplify the transformation of data by both techies and biz people alike. We want people to work on a range of international projects with our global customers' IT teams to design data strategies to address both project and enterprise based requirements. Lastly, you should be strong at presenting data-driven insights as stories, bringing the data to life for your audience, which statistics alone cannot do.
That's me, let's talk!
The "Biz Leader"
We sound like a broken record, but it should come as no surprise we require a Firestarter mindset for our business roles just as we do for our technical roles. With that said, who are the "Biz Leaders" we are looking for? They are people who have helped scale a business, been part of an emerging tech company, served in a leadership capacity within a startup, those with experience in a range of roles from revenue to delivery to operations to people to growth. Lets put it this way, if you are not a Techie or a Data Geek, and you feel strongly that your experience, skills and mindset are a fit for Braintribe, reach out and lets talk.
That's me, let's talk!
Are you ready to do this?
If you’re worried about career growth, your question shouldn’t be “Will there be enough?” Rather, “Am I ready to do this?”

We will push you further than you have ever gone before and we’ll challenge you to do more than you thought you were capable of. Tell us what you want to do, where you want to get to, and how you’ll get there. We’ll be right behind you every step of the way. Should you decide to leave Braintribe, you will be well equipped with the skills, experience and most importantly, the confidence to take on any role you demand. Yes, demand.